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JForum 2.5.0 released, download it from here.
JForum 2.4.1 Released  RSS feed
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註冊時間: 2011/6/30
文章: 194
The JForum2 Project is proud to announce the release of version 2.4.1 of JForum. This release includes bug fixes and new features compared to version 2.4.0.

You can download the latest war file from the following URL, then deploy it to your Tomcat's webapps directory:
If your Tomcat doesn't unpack the war file automatically, you'll need to unpack it manually, then restart your Tomcat.

Known Issue:
If you want JForum to display datetime according to the user's local time, you have to change the dateTime.format as yyyy/MM/dd HH\:mm\:ss, or in some mobile phone like iPhone will display the date time incorrectly.

註冊時間: 2013/2/21
文章: 204
The entire project has now been moved from GoogleCode to SourceForge, so that's where you should look for the latest source code and create any tickets.

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