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JForum problem: status 400, Bad request.  RSS feed
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註冊時間: 2015/10/21
文章: 4

I have got a problem. From time to time, when i execute regist/login/add new topic/add new post action I get an error:
Page is blank, url looks like: localhost:8080/jforum/%servletContext%/error.html?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=KIVR-K4QX-N5JC-WUXI-CH7C-9UKW-XDZH-ZTG6, and i get status 400 bad request for error.html?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=KIVR-K4QX-N5JC-WUXI-CH7C-9UKW-XDZH-ZTG6 file.

Then I restart my web browser and the error is disapear.

Please help me.

註冊時間: 2015/10/21
文章: 4
I've found very odd thing.

I downloaded jforum-2.4.1, I installed it, and the error is occur on completely "clean" jforum version!
What is problem? Database, server?

OK, i've checked on HSQLDB and error still occur.

How i force error:
1. Create new account
2. Log out of new account
3. Login form.
4. "lost my password" form
5. put data.
6. ok
7. checking mail
8. recover form
9. ok.
10. login form
11 put data
12. ok
13. error
14. if i back to previous page i'm logged in.

please help...
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