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JForum 2.5.0 released, download it from here.
Changes to the Database schema  RSS feed
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註冊時間: 2016/7/30
文章: 14
With the list of Database Schema changes what is implied, but not stated, is that JForum must be stopped. The "alter table" commands run, adjusted if needed for the database used, and the new .WAR installed. Would it be asking to much to get some type of high level list of actions to take and in what order?

Database Schema
• alter table jforum_posts alter column poster_ip type varchar(50);
• alter table jforum_privmsgs alter column privmsgs_ip type varchar(50);
• alter table jforum_banlist alter column banlist_ip type varchar(50);
• alter table jforum_sessions alter column session_ip type varchar(50);
• alter table jforum_vote_voters alter column vote_user_ip type varchar(50);

註冊時間: 2013/2/21
文章: 216
The basic steps are listed in https://sourceforge.net/p/jforum2/wiki2/UpgradingFrom241To250/. The basic outline is: !) stop the web app, 2) work through the steps on that page, 3) start the web app. If you have a specific question about a step, feel free to ask in more detail.

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