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個人資料 :: sunder34
註冊時間: 2019/02/11 05:46:55
總發表數: 沒有發表任何文章 RSS feed
發起主題: 沒有發起任何主題
來自: United Kingdom
個人網站: http://redeneobux.com/en/
職業: Personal Carer
興趣: Technology, Nature, Blogging
自我介紹: Jose Teixeira is a Portuguese and currently works in the UK as a personal carer. I've always been a person who likes to help others and nothing better than to practice this profession and thank god there are many good-hearted people available to help those who unfortunately are not physically independent. What is Jose's passion? He is passionate about technologies, loves everything that involves nature and his best hobby is blogging. He currently runs several web pages, but his main focus is a web page related to travel where he shows the most emblematic places around the world and how to enjoy the holidays in the best way. Come and see my recent work, Best Things to Do in Iceland
我的書籤及訂閱: 這個會員目前沒有書籤項目.
聯絡 sunder34
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