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User Forum » Translators needed

Author: udittmer
2 years ago
The JForum2 team is in need of volunteers for updating the localizations for various languages. If you notice something not being displayed in your preferred language, but in English (the default language), please consider helping us by providing translations. Attached to this post is a file listing all the missing texts in their English varieties. For some languages it's not much that's missing (e.g. French, Spanish, Italian and Russian), so it might not actually be a lot of work.

If you have a question about the process, or what some of the texts actually mean, please get in touch, either by posting here, or via email (my address is in my profile). Thanks a lot in advance for any help you can supply!

Filename missing_localized_properties.txt
Description the missing translations for various languages
Filesize 60 Kbytes
Downloaded 20 time(s)
[Disk] Download

Author: udittmer
3 months ago
Since the upcoming release contains a number of new features, we could use some help getting the translations up to snuff. Any French or Dutch speaking JForum users who could help out for a couple of hours?

Some other languages also need work: Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese and Hungarian

Author: udittmer
2 months ago
There has been some progress lately, and what we are still looking for now is help with Japanese, Turkish, Norwegian and Hungarian. Anyone with skills in those languages would really do us a favor by helping out, as much or as little as you can.

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