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Developer Forum » Code problem on trunk with template mobile/user_posts_show.htm

Author: davetcc
1 year ago
Hi there,

I'm not sure if this belongs in the development section, but certainly did not seem to fit in the other cataegories. Firstly, thanks for this forum, I've got it up and running pretty quickly at

However, I noticed a bug in the default/mobile/user_posts_show.htm template. It refers to the post.time field that is not available and throws an exception on page rendering.

I changed the template as follows and it appears to work correctly now.


${I18n.getMessage("")}: ${post.time}


<div class="postbody">${post.text}</div>

The change seems very minor and probably not worth a patch, but if you prefer a patch I will provide it as a patch.

Author: udittmer
1 year ago
Thanks for alerting us to that. It should read "${post.formattedTime}" rather than "${post.time}". That has actually led me to a couple more issues with the handling of relative dates - I just checked in a patch for those.

To keep the mobile view light, the post text isn't included on purpose.

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