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User Forum » How can I add several users in one go to a group

Author: xchene
4 months ago

I need to create new forums and restrict them to some users.
The user basis already exists, not yet the groups.
How can I easily populate the new groups, without having to go edit each user individually (we speak of hundreds of users).

I authenticate against Active Directory, but apparently, we cannot use AD (or LDAP) groups in general in the definition of groups.

Any idea welcome!

Author: udittmer
4 months ago
Indeed, JForum does not interact with AD or LDAP like that. I understand the users already exist in JForum. After you have created the groups, you could add the user-to-group associations directly via

INSERT INTO jforum_user_groups ( user_id, group_id ) VALUES ( ?, ? )

where you'd replace the question marks with the userID and groupID, respectively.

You would find the relevant IDs via

select group_id, group_name from jforum_groups;

select user_id, username from jforum_users;

Author: xchene
4 months ago
Thanks a lot for the detailed answer, we'll probably write a small job to maintain some jForum groups with Active Directory info.
That said, it would be very nice feature to be able to define jForum groups based on LDAP or AD groups.
Perhaps an idea to consider in a future release of jForum.

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