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Developer Forum » Running the JForum2 unit tests

Author: udittmer
2 months ago
This post is more of a note to myself than a question, but if anyone has suggestions on how to make the process smoother, I'm all ears.

1) Temporarily remove the file. The test never finishes, although that may be more of a Quartz issue than an issue with the test itself.

2) Add the jforum-custom.conf file from your installation to src/main/config - it contains the DB configurations needed to run the tests.

3) Temporarily remove src/main/config/database/postgresql/ (or the corresponding file for whatever DB you're using for the tests). The file is loaded after the, and thus overrides it.

An alternative to steps 2 and 3 would be to edit src/main/config/database/postgresql/ so it contains the values appropriate to your DB.

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