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Announcements » JForum 2.7.0 release

Author: udittmer
1 year ago
It's been a while since the last release, and we've been busy adding features and fixing bugs to make JForum even better than it already is. A servlet container that supports Servlet API 3.1 is now required, for example Tomcat 8. Some of the new and improved features are:

  • The Trash Can lets you designate one forum as trash can - meaning topics that get deleted are moved to it, rather than actually getting deleted from the database. If the forum is set up to be accessible by admins only, you keep deleted topics for future reference without them being publicly visible (which comes in handy on moderated forums frequently)

  • Banners can be shown on assorted pages, up to 3 at the top and up to 3 at the bottom, either as plain text or with HTML, including links. That could be used for announcements, or ads.

  • Added lots of missing translations to various languages

  • Many improvements for the mobile view: some pages were entirely missing before, and a new dropdown menu for navigation makes it easier to get around

  • Eight new smilies, some of them animated, like ROFL

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • A full list of new features is at, upgrade instructions are at and you can download it from The documentation is at

    All feedback is welcome.

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