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Developer Forum » The "Group By Forum" functionality is broken.

Author: Komal Gupta
3 months ago
While trying to select "Group by forum" during a search operation (Here:, it results in an error. See attached.

[Thumb - Screenshot from 2021-06-10 11-46-26.png]
Filename Screenshot from 2021-06-10 11-46-26.png
Description Error when submitted with "Group By Forum"
Filesize 81 Kbytes
Downloaded 51 time(s)
[Disk] Download

[Thumb - Screenshot from 2021-06-10 11-46-36.png]
Filename Screenshot from 2021-06-10 11-46-36.png
Description The Search screen
Filesize 96 Kbytes
Downloaded 56 time(s)
[Disk] Download

Author: udittmer
3 months ago
Thanks for the heads-up. Seems to be a general bug in JForum, not just here. I'll take a look.

Author: udittmer
3 months ago
The bug has been fixed in the source, and the fix will be part of the next release.

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