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JForum 2.5.0 released, download it from here.
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註冊時間: 2011/8/18
文章: 2
I got the SSO working on jforum 2.1.9 implementing net.jforum.sso.SSO. Now I tried jforum 2.3.1 and it seems like this handling isn't working anymore.

Here's what's going on in 'authenticateUser':

	public String authenticateUser(RequestContext ctx) {
		String user = null;
		try {

			String email = null;
			// Get UserID
			Long userId = SecurityTools.getInstance().getUserIdFromCookie();
			if (userId != null) {
				// Determine user data from somewhere
				UserData userData = response.getData(0);
				user = userData.getUsr();
				email = userData.getEmail();
				// TODO: Adapt class ControllerUtils to use more/custom
				// attributes for user creation (see
				// http://www.andowson.com/posts/list/227.page)

				// The password is irrelevant as the user has already logged on
				// (set it anyway in case JForum uses it)
				ctx.getSessionContext().setAttribute("password", "");
				ctx.getSessionContext().setAttribute("email", email);


			if (LOG.isInfoEnabled()) {
				LOG.info("SSO User: " + userId + ", " + user + ", " + email);
		} catch (Exception ex) {
			LOG.error("Problem in authenticateUser!", ex);
		return user;

Please can someone explain what's missing or what's been changed between the versions?

註冊時間: 2011/8/13
文章: 12
We're using the SecureSSO module (sort of meant for Grails, but I think it'll work for any java project). You might try that one:


I did find a bug that I had to fix, it would get a NPE if the SSO cookie was not set and the user went directly to the forums - the source is included so you can add a null check for that to fix it - other than that it works for us.

註冊時間: 2011/8/18
文章: 2
Sorry, the fault was on my side. It's working perfectly in the new version ... one of the configuration properties wasn't set correctly. So shame on me and thanks for listening...
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