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Customizing jForum appearance  RSS feed
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註冊時間: 2015/3/18
文章: 3

I'm trying to use jForum as a module inside an application and I'm having a hard time with the HTML layout, as it's very pretty by default but does not fit with the overall style of the rest of the site. My quesstion is if there is a way of customizing the forum's appearance other than changing the standard provided templates.

Of course, if I change the templates I'll run into all sort of issues if I want to upgrade the jForum part of my site when a new release comes out.

What I'm looking for is some sort of "skins" that can be customized without changing the fundamentals or defaults that come with the package.

註冊時間: 2011/6/30
文章: 193
You can see this post http://jforum.andowson.com/posts/list/16.page as the first step.
Modify the css file and header.htm can do most of the work.
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