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JForum 2.5.0 released, download it from here.
文章發表人是: udittmer
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The JForum2 team is in need of volunteers for updating the localizations for various languages. The details can be found at http://jforum.andowson.com/posts/list/0/171.page. Please help us out!
Hello all-

JForum2 has been localized to a number of languages, namely


but unfortunately some of those localizations are rather out of date - new features have been added, and for those only a few translations are available. Some languages are in good shape (de_DE, en_US, it_IT, zh_CN and zh_TW), but the others are in need of volunteers that can look through what's missing and help us out with translations.

So if anybody out there is fluent in one of these languages, and would like to help out the JForum2 team, please post here, or get in touch via PM. I can provide a list of missing texts for each language to make it easier to get started.

Many thanks in advance!

The JForum2 team
I've never looked into JForum's SSO capabilities, and unfortunately the old JForum documentation is not online (I'm working on that). But for starters, check out the following pages, which admittedly are hard to read, as they are the source code for wiki pages, but should be decipherable as is.




Other parts of the documentation are also available in that form at https://github.com/rafaelsteil/jforum2/tree/master/www/website
Don't forget the WEB-INF/config/jforum-custom.conf file - it has a lot of important settings.
"copying the old database into the new one" could be tricky due to foreign key constraints and such. There are no scripts to facilitate this, so you'd be on your own.

Upgrading the old DB sounds easier, although slightly laborious. You'd successively apply the DB upgrade scripts from https://sourceforge.net/p/jforum2/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/upgrade/ starting with 2.1.7 all the way to 2.5.0.
A fix for this has just been checked in.
My guess is that it has something to do with the virtual Tomcat host. I just tried to install JForum as the ROOT web app (no virtual host), and I got correct URLs like "/install/install.page" rather than "//install/install.page" - which is indeed a different URL.
I'm not sure why Safari seems to mangle the URL.

The full URL for the install page would be http://localhost:8009/install/install.page?module=install&action=welcome (as you can see in the install.jsp file).
I can't think of what that might be - any JSP page should be able to access all classes in WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes.

When Tomcat starts up, are there any error messages in catalina.out or jforum.log?
That's odd. It sounds as if the jar file containing the actual forum classes is not present, or is damaged. Check that inside the WEB-INF/lib directory is a file called "jforum-2.5.jar", and that it is readable by executing "jar -tf jforum-2.5.jar" from the command line.
The basic steps are listed in https://sourceforge.net/p/jforum2/wiki2/UpgradingFrom241To250/. The basic outline is: !) stop the web app, 2) work through the steps on that page, 3) start the web app. If you have a specific question about a step, feel free to ask in more detail.
That is hard-coded in the JForumbaseServlet's init method class (variable defaultTemplatePath). But I doubt that changing the location of the templates directory has anything to do with this.

Anything in the log files, either JForum or server?
udittmer wrote:I'm fairly certain that the code makes assumptions about where it is.

Indeed it does. It is assumed to be in the "templates" directory that is in the root directory.
I don't think moving the templates directory is a good idea. I'm fairly certain that the code makes assumptions about where it is.

but it shows nothing

Anything in the log files, either JForum or server?
That could be the context.path entry I mentioned in config/jforum-custom.conf. The problem I see is that "context path" has a specific meaning for Java web apps (for the root web app it would be "/" which can't be changed), and I'm not sure that changing it in that config file would accomplish the right thing. No harm, on trying, I guess.
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